What are

Amazing Love® Groggadooz™ ?

Groggadooz™ are the world's first slippers that are made with


Each set of Groggadooz includes a pair of slipper bases along with 3 different interchangeable character heads...

Hubba the Hippo, Giddy the Horse, and Gouda the Mouse!

 Groggadooz are invented and designed by us! We combined extreme cuteness with high end quality design. From the super fuzzy soft feel and the cute embroidered groggy eyes to the synthetic suede bottoms, you'll be in slipper heaven. We also designed them to be cost efficient for families as well. Groggadooz™ are designed, so if the Bases(Bottoms) are outgrown, simply order a larger Base separately and the previous Heads that were already bought will still attach :)

 Check out our Groggadooz Store Page for more info about our slippers and each of the interchangeable Groggadooz Characters.

 Order a pair today and join all the Groggadooz fun!




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