Combo-Groggadooz Head & Base

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"Combos" include a pair of Groggadooz™ Bases with a pair of Groggadooz™ Heads.

Bases are super cozy, warm, and covered in extraordinarily soft faux fur with the Amazing Love logo embroidered into each heel. They have suede bottoms for improved traction with Amazing Love Groggadooz™ stitched into the bottom of each pair, and of course thick padded insoles for that squooshy cooshy comfort!

Groggadooz™ Heads come in a variety of different Groggadooz™ characters with their own adorable features and our trademark "Groggy" eyes.  They each have their own collectible tag with their Name and Birthday written in it. The heads have a strong Velcro patch so they may be securely attached to the Base, yet easily interchanged with another Groggadooz™ character at anytime:)





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Groggadooz Character Heads Groggadooz Character Heads
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