What are

Amazing Love® Groggadooz™ ?


Groggadooz™ are the world's first slippers that are designed with



Each set of Groggadooz includes a pair of slipper bases along with 3 different INTERCHANGEABLE character heads...

Hubba the Hippo, Giddy the Horse, and Gouda the Mouse!

You get them all, so you can switch Groggadooz™

characters anytime you feel like it!


 Groggadooz are invented and designed by us! 

We combined extreme cuteness with high end quality detail and design. From the adorable smooshy faces with embroidered groggy eyes, to the the super soft material and padded suede bases, you'll think you're in slipper heaven.

We also designed them to be cost efficient for families as well. Groggadooz™ are designed, so if the Bases(Bottoms) are outgrown, simply order a larger Base separately and the previous Heads that were already bought will still attach :)


Check out below and our other Groggadooz Pages for more info about our slippers and a short Bio on each of the interchangeable Groggadooz characters

 Order a pair today and join all the Groggadooz fun!

Groggadooz™ Bases

Bases are covered in super soft faux fur with the Amazing Love logo embroidered into the heel. They have suede bottoms for improved traction with Amazing Love Groggadooz™ stitched into the bottom of each pair, and of course thick padded insoles for squooshy cooshy comfort! They are also available for purchase separately, so if they are outgrown, you may purchase a new larger base and keep on collecting!


Groggadooz™ Heads

Heads come in a variety of different Groggadooz™ characters with their own adorable features and our trademark "Groggy" eyes are beautifully embroidered on each pair.  They each have their own collectible tag with their Name and Birthday written on it. The heads have a strong Velcro patch on the bottom so they may be securely attached to the Base, yet easily interchanged with one of the other Groggadooz™ characters at anytime! They are sized to best fit the appropriate size Base, but also may be attached to the next size up if the Base is outgrown to be a little more cost efficient for all of you! :)